A Show of Clowns and Buffoons

Torresmo bringing Padre Rodigo to life (Photo: Archive SP Drama School)

Padre Rodigo and his team were the centre of attention at the Roosevelt Headquarters of SP Drama School – Training Centre for the Performing Arts, on the 26, during Cabarezim, an event promoted by the students of Humor, which presented several comical scenes to a sold out audience.

In addition to this buffoon character played by the student Caique Torresmo, creator of the project, five clown scenes had the audience “in stitches”, with the clowns in the flesh of the humor students Emiliano Bicalho Favacho, Cristiano Carvalho, Alexandre Zampieri and Thais Oliveira, from Acting. The show’s MC was Thainan Fresneda, and the stage managers were the clowns Carolipa (Carolyn Ferreira) and Bartô (Cristiano Carvalho), all Homor students.

Each participant used different techniques and languages, with a variety of scene concepts. Between a performance and the next, the clown assistants interacted with the MC, as they improvised micro scenes before presenting the next number. Torresmo was happy with the diversity observed in the program: “The clowns are very different, as each develops his “being” from their own experience, their own life story since childhood. Padre Rodigo, for example, is a buffoon who seeks acid laughter, exposing the corruption of the being,” he comments.

Still, the student insists on saying that there’s still much to improve, after all, that is one of the goals of Cabarezim. “Our goal is not to have a closed format, but rather, to be open to all possibilities, new adjustments and, fortunately, new mistakes. A public performance is just one phase in this process, to help us understand how people react,” says Torresmo.

Cristiano Carvalho and Thainan Freneda (Photo: Archive SP Drama School)


Happy and proud to see that the first steps have been taken, the student wants to go on taking chances and inviting everyone to do the same. According to him, there already are projects for Cabarezim to do performances outside of school.

Let’s not forget that the MC function will be rotated. For every edition, a new MC will be selected. Anyone up to the challenge?




Text: Felipe Del

SP Drama School – Training Centre for the Performing Arts

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