The Learner in Focus: Antonio Peredo

Antonio Peredo (Photo: SP Escola de Teatro)

It’s the end of another school day. Instead of going home, Bolivian Antonio Peredo takes a different path: he crosses the theatre’s black curtained room on the first floor and goes up to the Green Room at the Roosevelt Headquarters of the SP Drama School – Training Centre for Performing Arts. “I was watching the classes at the Directing course,” he says slowly. “Is this your first stay in Brazil?” I ask. “Yes,” he answers. “What are your impressions?” I ask. “São Paulo is very large,” he smiles.

Peredo left Santa Cruz de La Sierra, in Bolivia, and landed in São Paulo last week. At his side, students Nádia Verdum and Éric Moura, from the Acting Course, came back home after two months at the Escuela Nacional de Teatro of Santa Cruz de La Sierra. “I know the two of them will miss everybody there. They made many friends. In addition to the learning, personal relations were very important,” he said.

He is an actor, director and biodynamics teacher at the Bolivian school. “When I have some free time, I do a bit of playwriting,” added Peredo. His coming to Brazil was part of the partnership between the Escuela Nacional de Teatro, created and directed by Marcos Malavia, and SP Drama School, which promotes exchange programs among students and teachers of the two institutions. “I will watch classes from every course and follow the nuclei. I also want to make contact with local actors,” he said.

What really impressed the Bolivian was the sparkle of the shows he saw in São Paulo. “At Roosevelt Square alone, more shows are staged than in all of Santa Cruz”, he mentioned. “Maybe that’s the greatest challenge for the arts in Bolivia: the lack of incentive everywhere. In any event, I know it isn’t easy to be an actor or director, be it here, in Bolivia or anywhere else, but I do believe that barriers bring greater creativity and magic to our work,” he finished. Peredo will be n Brazil until November 1st, when the exchange program will be over and he will return to Bolivia.


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