Along Nicky Silver’s Lines

Last Saturday (16), Green Module students of the SP Drama School – Education Centre for the Performing Arts attended the open reading of the text “Raised in Captivity” by American playwright Nicky Silver, selected to guide the School’s artistic and pedagogical actions this term. The event took place at the Institution’s Roosevelt headquarters and brought together not only the students, but also the School’s educational coordinator, Joaquim Gama, the coordinator of the Playwriting course, Marici Solomon, the journalist and theater critic Kil Abreu, the acting course coordinator Francisco Medeiros, and the theatre researcher and teacher of the lighting course, Antonio Duran.

Francisco Medeiros, Marici Solomon Kil Abreu and Antonio Duran discuss the text of Nicky Silver, 'Raised in Captivity' (Photo: SP School of Theatre / File)

“It was the first step, the first perceptions and the first incursion into the American playwright’s work, which has been selected to lead and inspire us. It was a powerful meeting, attended by the students of the eight courses and enriched with reflections by Marici, Kil Abreu, Francisco Medeiros and Antonio Duran, “said Joaquim Gama.

The project will move on with the Saturday (23) reading of another Nicky Silver text, “Pterodactyls,” from 9am to 1pm, also at the Roosevelt headquarters, once again with students of the Green Module.
Nicky Silver’s text was seen on the Brazilian stage in 2010, starring Marco Nanini and Mariana Lima, directed by Felipe Hirsch. A hit both with the public and with critics, it ran for over two years.


Text: Majo Levensteis
SP Drama School – Education Centre for the Performing Arts